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Cheque Book Application Foundation - CBAF™
Cheque Book Application Foundation - CBAF™ is a family of software applications that has been developed for controlling the total issuing production cycle of single cheques and cheque-books.
CBAF™ is designed to be applicable to cheques and cheque book issuance in banks and financial institutions, in enterprises, organizations and corporations and in any business that is producing cheques and cheque books, internally.
CBAF™ drives either specialized hardware machines, like the Cheque Book Issuance Machines or specialized printers with either laser technology or "daisy wheel" or "print wheel" or "type ball" printing head.
CBAF™  is capable of issuing and printing:
Full cheque  books
Manager's -  Cashier's cheques
Private and  crossed cheques

    • CBAF/Corporate™
    • CBAF/Private™

Versions and Releases
CBAF™ has been developed in three major versions. Each version is evolving separately and has been design to operate in different operating environment.
Current production release
CBAF/Financial™: 4.60.20
CBAF/Branch™: 3.90.40
CBAF/Retail™: 1.50.01
CBAF/Financial™ has client/server architecture and consists of three major modules CBAF/Server™, CBAF/DBA™ and CBAF/Client™. The product has been designed to work in Banks and Financial Institutions that require central management of their cheque book issuance processing cycle. CBAF/Server™ part can work either independently, exchanging files with the Bank’s host system at predefined times or in on-line mode with the Bank’s host system.

CBAF/Branch™ has client/server architecture, consists of three major modules CBAF/Server™, CBAF/DBA™ and CBAF/Client™ and is an application that works independently in each bank branch. The product is suitable for banks that have a small number of branches and do not require central management of their cheque book issuance processing cycle. The application can exchanges files with the bank’s host system for mutual update.

CBAF/Retail™ has been designed to work in enterprises, organizations, corporations, companies, freelancers and individuals for issuing private and crossed cheques. The application works in stand-alone mode exchanging files with the accounting or ERP system on demand or at predefined times.

CBAF/Corporate™ is a sub-version of CBAF/Retail™. CBAF/Corporate™ is designed to work in accounting departments in large and medium corporations where the daily volume of cheques is significantly high.

CBAF/Private™ is a sub-version of CBAF/Retail™. CBAF/Private™ is designed to operate in small companies freelancers and individuals where the daily volume of cheques relatively low.
Operating Modes
Local (in branch)
Technical Specification
  • Built for  Microsoft technology with Microsoft technology (VC, VB &  .NET).
  • Stand alone  version.
  • N - tier  architecture in client/server version.
  • Encrypted  transactions between client and server programs as option.
  • MS SQL or MS  Access standard database with Oracle or DB2 as option.
  • Application  usage access control with user authentication (user name and password), user  role  definition and different levels of user rights.
  • Multi language  support - 2 basic languages (EN & EL).
  • Multi currency  support - 4 basic currencies US, EU, UK & local.
  • Multi-institution support with different operational parameters  for each institution.
  • Customizable  two-way interface to core banking system. File, Transactional and WEB Service  (XML) support.
  • Centralized  cheque pages electronic inventory control per page type, central site, branch,  branch manager and branch officers.
  • Integrity check  of customer (CIF) number, account numbers and cheque numbers. Check digits  recalculation and comparison.
  • Personalized  cheque & cheque book printing including, personal data, bank/branch data,  IBAN calculation and OCRB or MICR code-line printing.
  • Independent of  printing machine. Driving of different cheque book production machines among  which are CTS Electronics' DIDOgraf series and a number of specialized printers  with laser or "daisy wheel" or "print wheel" or "type ball" printing  technology.
  • Cheque book  production with 10, 15 & 20 cheques as standard, including journal pages,  new cheque book application page, reminder page and cheque book receipt  page.
  • Cheque book  production with any number of cheques as option.
Extended Functional Specifications
  • Cheque book printing failure recovery mechanism.
  • Historical cheque book printing data retention up to five years. More years as option.
  • Cheque number definition based in sequential numbering per institution or per account type.
  • Cheque number definition per account as option.
  • Encryption of transaction messages and transaction origination electronic certification.
  • Centralized users authentication, dynamic user privileges management, highly secure access control mechanisms.
  • Auto user log-off mechanism.
  • IBAN and code-line automatic calculation.
  • Cheque and cheque book layout definition. Totally configurable cheque book appearance.
  • Transportation management of printed cheque books between production sites and delivery sites.
  • Integrated  system for cheque book issuing and customer service at a branch  level.
  • Instant issue  and delivery of the cheque book.
  • Multi-language  and multi-currency support
  • Multi-user with  application usage access control.
  • Multi-institution support.
  • Automated  import of customer data and account numbers from the core banking system.
  • Customizable  cheque book production - personalization workflow rules.
  • High level of  security with full audit trail facility.
  • Centralized  cheque book pages electronic inventory.
  • Centralized,  regional and local (branch) operation mode.
  • Automated  update of the core banking system with the newly issued cheque book  data.
  • Operation log,  error log, trace and audit trail files.
  • Extensive  reporting.
  • Customization  capability if it is required.
  • Developed with  hands on experience.
  • Superior User  Interface (MS Windows GUI, user friendly and efficient).
  • Sophisticated  customizable algorithms for cheque book issuance  authorization.
  • Developed with  ease of customization, implementation, support, flexibility and market diversity  in mind.
  • Advanced  flexible design to facilitate customization and enhancements.
  • Constant  upgrade policy.
CBAF™ is  designed to provide significant value to Banks,  Financial Institutions, Service  Providers, Processors and Corporation.
  • Cheque book  full  personalization.
  • Instant issue  and delivery of the cheque book.
  • Speed and  flexibility of printing cheques books.
  • Efficient  management and control of cheque book production.
  • Centralized,  regional and local (branch) operation mode.
  • Generation of  various MIS reports on cheque production and system usage.
  • Compliance with  the European and local cheques specifications (ECB & HBA).
  • Upgrade the  Bank «image» in the market.
  • Differentiation  from the bank's competitors.
  • Minimizing  operating cost.
  • Short Return Of  Investment .
  • Do business  efficiently, reliably and cost effectively.
  • Take advantage  of the latest state-of-the-art technology.
  • Be ready for  new business opportunities before competition.
Data Sheets
CBAF/Financial™ R 4.60.20
CBAF/Branch™ R 3.90.40
CBAF/Branch™ R 3.90.50
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