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Intelligent Cheque Clearing - iCCS™

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Intelligent Cheque Clearing System - iCCS™
Intelligent Cheque Clearing System™  - iCCS™ is a solution for the automation of the  daily cheque clearing in Banks, Financial Institutions, Factoring companies and  Clearing Houses.
The solution consists of Cheque Scanners, Encoders  & Sorters  and a software application based on the iRecognIzer™ platform with  the name Intelligent Cheque Clearing Application - iCCA™.
iCCA™  is a new software application, specially designed and built for Cheque Clearing  and it takes advantage of all the cheque processing and image management  technology developed in the iRecognIzer™ platform.
iCCA™ works together with cheque scanners from a number  of different manufacturers such as Arca, Rototype, any TWAIN compatible scanner and virtually any cheques scanner upon  request.
iCCA™ is available in two architectures:
iCCA™ Stand Alone
iCCA™ Client/Server

iCCA™ is a complete clearing system and integrates incoming, outgoing & their respective return clearing processing according to the rules defined by the local Clearing House.
Available Versions
Application for Daily Processing in Banks
Technical Specification
  • Built for Microsoft technology with Microsoft technology (VC, VB & .NET).
  • Stand alone version.
  • Two tier architecture in client/server version.
  • MS SQL or MS Access standard database with Oracle or DB2 as option.
  • Multi user with definable users privileges.
  • Multi language support - 2 basic languages (EN & EL).
  • Multi currency processing. Currency defined at the beginning of each processing cycle.
  • Code-line reading: MICR (CMC7 & E13B), OCRA & OCRB.
  • ECB cheque code-line specification included.
  • Other code-line formats customizable upon request.
  • Central, regional (option) and local - branch (option) clearing.
  • Post dated cheques clearing (option).
  • Intergraded incoming and outgoing clearing
  • On central clearing: processing per branch, unit, division and special production centers selectable at the beginning of each processing cycle.
  • Multiple clearing zones support.
  • Multiple clearing houses support.
  • Rule based clearing house selection.
  • Extensive reporting.
  • Report generation according to clearing house rules.
  • Customizable incoming and outgoing clearing workflow rules.
  • Configurable core banking interface file format.
  • Configurable incoming and outgoing clearing with their returns file formats.
iCCS™ is designed to provide significant value to Banks, Financial Institutions, Factoring companies and Clearing Houses.
  • Increases operating efficiency by more than 25%.
  • Decreases operating cost by more than 25%.
  • Intergraded outgoing and incoming processing and their corresponding returns.
  • Intergraded post dated processing.
  • Easy integration with the core banking system.
  • File format to-and-from clearing houses defined at installation time.
  • Open, highly parameterized system that can cover easily any clearing house processing specifications.
  • Easy upgradeable to cover future internal processing needs or future clearing house specifications.
  • Short Return Of Investment .
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