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Contactless Cash Payment

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Contactless Cash Payment

Paypod™: Contactless Cash Payment

Paypod™ is placed discreetly in the cash register area, on the counter top or embedded, and interfaces with the MS Windows™ based POS, taking over the full cycle of cash payments and cash returns, with an advance cash recycling technology, without requiring cashier contact with banknotes or coins.

Paypod™ accepts payments in € - Euro banknotes and coins and optional in other currencies, which the authenticity is initially validated, using a sophisticated counterfeit mechanism, EBA certified and then stored in a secure box inside the machine metal cabin.

Choose your Model
Highly-engineered technologies from CPI in one easy to install system deliver the ultimate ease in payment automation.
On the counter mounting
7" customer display
Components accessed by doors on front and top
Under counter mounting
Components mounted to a sli
All units include:
POSlinq™ software instantly connects with any Windows® point of sale system to manage cash transactions
Universal API alternative for integration with both Windows and Linux systems
Industry leading note recyclers deliver fast, secure cash validation
High speed coin recyclers increase throughput and efficiency

Application in:
Bakeries & Cafes
Convenience Shops
Fast Food
Bar & Restaurants

Cash Payment Technology

Paypod™ combines multiple highly engineered technologies into one easy-to-install system that delivers the ultimate ease in payment automation. Handles and manages every part of your cash payment, from counting to giving change - and, all from one secure location.

Paypodempowers retailers by establishing more visibility with each transaction, creating more security and improved accountability for your business, saving time and money.

Paypod™ software application informs the store manager about banknotes and coins stock with amounts and denominations, payment and return transactions, shortage or surplus values and cashiers’ end-of-shift totals.

Employee Time Saving (average 40 hours/month)
Increased Transaction Speed (average 11 sec less)
Reduced Cash Lossess (average 1.5% - 3% of daily

• Management of all cash transactions
• Acceptance & Validation of all notes and coins
• Instant provision of change
• Connection to POS system
• Rejection of counterfeit currency

Contactless Cash Payment Advantages

Reduces transaction time by 7-11 sec per transaction.
Accelerates the efficiency of each POS by reducing the queues, the operator only takes orders.
Prevents mistakes (intentional or not) in the customer's change.
Employees interacts with the customer and not handling the cash.
Eliminates the risk of losses through the cash drawer (cash shrinkage)
Reduces cash handling time in terms of preparing shifts’ cash, frequent visits to the bank etc.
Easy and fast shift change.
Many points of sale one automatic Paypod payment point.
Employees do not contact cash and therefore the risk of a virus transfer to of from the customers is minimized or even eliminated
Short ROI due to reduced working hours, operational efficiency – increase the number of transaction per employee and minimize cash shrinkage.
Machine ROI on an average is less than 12 months.
Increase of company reputation and image related to better customer service quality and ινψρεασεδ customer safety against hygiene issues (Pandemic).

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