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 ATM/POS Transaction Authorization PIN Generation & Mailing
 Transation Switching Card Embossers, Inserters and Mailers
 Payment Gateway EMV Data Preparation Systems
 Card Management ATM Configuration, Simulation & Testing
 Fraud Detection Switch, Payment Gateway Simulation & Testing
 Chargeback Management Switch, Payment Gateway Stress Test
 Central EMV Card Personalization Systems VirtualATM (Multi-Vendor) Simulation & Testing
 Remote (Branch) EMV Card Personalization ATM & EFT/POS Remote Key Loading
 EMV Card Instant Issuance

 Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Suite Internal & External Fraud Detection
 Customer Risk Profiling GDPR & ePrivacy Compliance
 Customer On-Boarding AML for Insurance Companies
 KYC Names Filtering  AML for Non-Financial Companies
 KYC Internet Based Names Filtering Watch & Sactions List Management
 FATCA Compiance Reporting Adverse Media Management
 CRS Compliance Reporting Legalization DMS™
 Cybersecurity Filtering on SWIFT Alliance
 Financial Crime Management AI Risk Driven AML

 Front Office Cheque Scanners  Cash Recycling & Cheque Deposit Kiosks
 Back Office Cheque Scanners Cheque Deposit Kiosks
 Cheque Book Issuance Machines Cash Recycling (in/out) Kiosks
 Cheque Book Dispencing Machine Smart Safes - Cash Deposit
 Cheque Book Dispencing Kiosk Teller Cash Recyclers
 Information Self-Service Kiosk eSignature Pads
 Bill Payment Kiosks Biometric Devics
 Cash & Cheque Deposit Kiosks

 POS/RKL™ Cheque Printing for Accounting Departments
 Card Instant Issuance Application - CIIA™ Cheque Book Application Foundation - CBAF™
 EmbossMe™ Advantage™ (Electronic Loyalty)
 Card Production Stream Management - CPSM™ WebAdvantage™ (Electronic Loyalty SaaS)
 Embosser Transfer™ rewardMe™
 Intelligent Cheque Clearing System - iCCS™ Digital Rights Management
 Cheque Processing System - CPS™ Cash Management & Forecasting
 iRecognIzer™ Cash Management Network - CMN™

 Payment, PKI & General Purpose HSMs 2F, MF, Multi-Factor Authentication Systems
 Database & Application Security PSD2 Compliant Authentication
 Data, Disk & File Encryption Secure Printing
 Clientless End Point Security PCI Compliance & Database Encryption
 Physical Access Control - IAM Digital Certificate Issuance
 Logical Access Control - IAM

 Cash & Liquidity Management Investigation & Exception Management
 Cash Reconciliation Anti-Money Laundering on SWIFT Alliance
 Treasury Markets Confirmations SWIFT Messages Duplicates Detection
 Generic Reconciliation SWIFT Messages Archiving
 Securities Markets Reconciliation

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HQ: 78 Vyzantiou & Vithinia's St., 14234, Nea Ionia, Athens, Greece.
Tel:  (+30)-210-9530-242
Fax: (+30)-210-6255-672
General Inquiries: info[at]cubeiq[dot]gr
Sales: sales[at]cubeiq[dot]gr
Technical Support: support[at]cubeiq[dot]gr
Human resources: hr[at]cubeiq[dot]gr

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CubeIQ Limited
CubeIQ Limited is an IT company specialized in Business Process Re-engineering, focused in the Banking and Electronic Transaction Processing Market. Our leading-edge software solutions can transform  business processes in a more efficient, more productive and cost saving way.   
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