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Whistlblowing System

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CubeIQ Limited  Whistleblowing System.
CubeIQ Limited Whistleblowing System

You can raise concerns about all serious matters regarding our CubeIQ Limited ("CIQ") confidentially and securely through CIQ Whistleblowing System. Your report should be suspicion or knowledge of any illegal, unethical or irregular conduct, including matters regarding bribery and corruption, abuse of funds, theft, deceit, embezzlement, fraud and other white-collar crime as well as any personal data security violation, serious environmental damage, conflicts of interest, sexual harassment or other gross harassment as well as gross or repeated offences.

The objective of the Whistleblowing System is to bring to light matters that we would not know of otherwise.

It is possible to raise a concern confidentially by providing your name and contact details or you can decide to raise the concern anonymously. You can read more about anonymity and what you should be aware of in the section "Anonymity" below. You can read more about report submission and the Whistleblowing System under the "How to Report" button at the end of the page. You can get information about our Whistleblower Policy under the "Whistleblower Policy" button at the end of the page and information about the processing of personal data in the Whistleblowing System under the "Privacy Policy" link.

You can create a secure report accessing Whistleblowing System or follow up on an existing report.

Following up on your reports can be important for several reasons:
1) You want to see the status of your report to check whether there have been any further developments.
2) You want to add additional information to your report.
3) The system administrators have asked to receive further information from you to help them follow up on your report.

Use Anonymity
The Whistleblowing System makes it possible for you to raise a concern anonymously as it is not a requirement that you reveal your identity. As a whistleblower, you can therefore decide whether to raise the concern anonymously or give your personal contact details.

1. Anonymous Communication by Mailbox
If you raise the concern anonymously, you will have the option to decide whether you want to be available for any further investigation by setting up a secure and anonymous mailbox through which CIQ can contact you. It is recommended that you do this as it can often be difficult for CIQ to conduct an investigation without any further information from you.

2. Points to Pay Attention in Order to Secure Anonymity
The reporting system does not log the IP address or the machine ID of the computer on which the concern is raised, and the system does not use any cookies. If the computer on which the concern is raised is owned by CIQ or connected to the network of CIQ, there is a risk that the IP address and/or the machine ID of the computer from which the concern is raised will be logged in the browser history and/or the security and event logs of CIQ through the logging mechanisms that are operated by IT Department of CIQ.
You can eliminate this risk by raising the concern from a computer that is not owned by CIQ or directly connected to CIQ network.
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