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Cheque Processing  System - CPS™
Remote  Cheque Capture System - CPS/rCCS
Remote Cheque Capture System™ - rCCS™ is a solution for the automation of capture and transfer of cheques data from remote locations to a financial institution data processing center.

Remote cheque processing services take advantage of the cheque format standardization and the national legislations that permit banks to clear cheques using either the cheque data (code line, issuer details, amount and issuance date) or a digital replacement – the cheque image - of the original paper document.

Web based Remote Cheque Capture System™ is an evolution of remote cheque processing services that accommodates all benefits of using the Internet as a transfer medium.

CPS/rCCS™ consists of a Cheque Scanner and the Remote Cheque Capture Application - rCCA™, a software application, based on the iRecognIzer™ platform, specially designed and built for Capturing Cheque Data at remote locations.

rCCA™ takes advantage of all the cheque processing and image management technology developed in the iRecognIzer™ platform while leverages on Internet as an easy to use and open transfer medium.
Operational Efficiency
Banks that support remote cheque capture services allow  commercial customers of all sizes to deposit their cheques remotely, hence avoid  the costly procedure of visiting bank branches to deposit their cheques  physically.  

Operation cost for deposit cheques in economies where B2B  payments are realized in great extent with cheques is significant high. Remote  cheque deposit capture services minimize this operation cost by automating the  cheque deposit procedure.

Cheque deposit automation is realized by processing the  cheques – scanning, imaging and OCR - at customer premises and then transfer the  data to the bank EDP center for further processing and clearing.
Operating Configurations
rCCA™ is  available in two operational configurations:
Stand Alone - single  site
Client / Server -  multiple sites

rCCA™ Stand  Alone
Stand Alone configuration is  applicable on processing environments with:
Single point of  processing
Centralized processing  needs
Small to medium processing  volume

rCCA™  Client/Server
Client / Server configuration is  applicable on processing environments with:
Distributed geographical  topology
Distributed processing  needs
Large to very large processing  volume
Operation Steps
  • Step#1:
    • Cheques are scanned.
    • Code line data are read.
    • Cheque data not read are entered  manually.
    • Cheque image and code line data are  stored in a local database.
  • Step#2:
    • The local accounting system is updated  with cheque data.
  • Step#3:
    • rCCA™ transfers  to the financial institution, through secure communication lines, either a file  only with the cheque's detail data, or a file with cheque's detail data and  images compressed. In the first case cheque's compressed images file can be  transferred during low communication traffic hours.
  • Step#4:
    • The corresponding  financial institution file transfer application issues a unique transaction  reference (URN) number that is returned to rCCA™.
  • Step#5:
    • The physical bodies of  the cheques are mailed to the financial institution in an envelope bearing the  unique transaction reference number.
Technical Specification
  • Banking System  Interface - Data Transfer
    • Configurable  cheque data file formats to Bank's EDP center.
    • Support of  multiple communication routes to Bank's EDP center (primary - secondary, main -  alternative).
    • Advanced  cheque image compression algorithms.
    • Encryption of  sensitive cheque data during file transfer.
    • Tamper proof  transmission using up to 1024-bit key SSL technology.
    • Cheque data  file transfer either at hock or scheduled at predefined time.
  • Accounting System  Interface
    • Automated  update of the central accounting application. Manual, at hock, also  supported.
    • Central  accounting application configurable interface.
    • Support of  bridged (file transfer) interface with configurable cheque data file  formats.
    • Support of OLE  DB or ODBC interface.
  • Operation  modes
    • Stand  alone version.
    • Two tier  architecture client/server version.
    • Single  site operation mode.
    • Multiple  sites operation mode.
    • Drive of  cheque scanners with proprietary device drivers from different manufactures such  as CTS, Rototype, Buic and any other upon request.
    • Drive of  any TWAIN compatible cheque scanner.
    • Support of  operation of different cheque scanner models / types in the same installation.
  • Functionality and  Configuration
    • MS SQL or MS  Access standard internal database.
    • Centralized cheque images and data  storage.
    • Centralized management of  connected cheque scanners,  operational parameters and client configuration.
    • Integrated  cheque images and cheque data backup and restore functionality.
    • Extensive  standard and custom reporting.
    • Operation  (status and error) logs, production and audit trail logs.
    • Multi  user, centralized users management, different levels of user access,  configurable users privileges.
    • Configurable users access rights to system operations and  to cheque data database.
    • Multi  language support - 2 basic languages (EN & EL).
    • Built for  Microsoft technology with Microsoft technology (VC, VB & .NET).
rCCS™ is designed to provide significant value to  Banks,  Financial Institutions and their customers.
  • Increases  operating efficiency by more than 40%.
  • Decreases  operating cost by more than 35%.
  • Easy  integration with Bank's internal cheque processing  environment.
  • Configurable  cheque data file formats to Bank's Data Processing center.
  • Open, highly  parameterized system with configurable workflow that can cover easily any  processing specifications.
  • Easy  upgradeable to cover future internal or customer's processing needs or future  legislations.
  • Short Return Of  Investment.
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