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Cheque Processing  System - CPS™
Cheque  Processing System for Accounting Departments - CPS/Account
Cheque  Processing System for  Accounting Departments  -  CPS/Account™  is a system for the bulk processing of bank and private cheques at the  contemporary accounting departments. The system can process large volumes of  cheques at high speed and with great accuracy. It uses advanced image  recognition technology, becoming a powerful tool to increase  productivity.  

The system can have one or multiple  Cheque Processing Stations. Each station consists of a document scanner and  the accompanied software application. The stations have small footprint, are  silent, easy to install, operate and maintain and can process a variety of  documents.

CPS/Account™ gives the ability of an  automated way of importing cheque data into the accounting and ERP software  systems. Maintaining a database of cheque data and images, minimizes the typing  cost, fades away the cost of photocopying the cheques and eliminates the cost of  managing the physical bodies of the cheques.
A New Concept: Customer Black List
The system introduces a new concept, customr blacl list,  in cheque processing.  
The concept of "identifying in advance" customers' cheques with the possibility to be bounced - not paid. By keeping historical records of all the cheques that have been circulated in an accounting department, cheques that have not been paid on due time are identified as "black".  
When a new cheque from the same customer (bank + account number) is been processed in order to be imported into the accounting system, alarms are generated so the user can identify in advance cheques that might not be paid on time.
Operating Configurarion

Versions and Releases

Processing Volume
Depending of the  average daily volume (from 5.000 to 50.000 documents) and the peak hour volume (from o800 to 8.000 documents) f documents to be  processed, one ore more of the supported documents scanners should be  chosen.
Supported document scanners processing speed: 30, 60, 120 and 200 dovuments per minute - dpm.

Automated processing of cheques.
File generation of cheques data to be imported into the accounting software.
Historical records of all cheques circulated in the accounting department.
Technical Specification
  • Reading
    • OCR Types: OCRA  and OCRB.
    • MICR Types:  CMC7 and E13B.  
    • Multiple  Reading: Maximum reading resolution: 1 character per 4mm.
    • Multiple  OCR/ICR decoding areas (up to 5) on the document image.
  • Sorting
    • Automatic document sorting based on code line or part of the code line.
    • Discard of  unreadable, damaged, illegible or foreign documents.
  • Counting
    • Automatic  document counting without OCRA/OCRB or MICR reading.  
  • Image  capture
    • Color, gray  scale with 16 or 256 shades of gray or B/W.
    • Image  resolution: from 100 to 200 dpi.
    • Front and back  document images in one pass.  
    • Up to 4 images  - front & back “brutto” (neutral images) and front & back “netto” (red  dropout images for OCR/ICR machine and hand print decoding requirements) in one  pass.  
    • Drive of  cheque scanners with proprietary device drivers from different manufactures such  as CTS, Rototype, Buic and any other upon request.
    • Drive of  any TWAIN compatible cheque scanner.
  • Options
    • Front or rear  document stamp (fixed text and logos).
    • Rear high  definition ink jet printer for variable document endorsing (variable text).  Adjustable height: 2 positions.  
  • Software  application  
    • Management  software application from the iRecognIzer™ family. iRecognIzer/Account™ is included in each Cheque Processing  Station. The application works in stand-alone or client/server configuration  when multiple cheque processing stations are required to store data and archive  images in a central database.
    • Multiple OCRA,  OCRB and MICR data are stored in ASCII, CSV files or directly into relational  database tables.
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